Your Nordic Growth Partner

Sales and Interim Management

Our Concept

It is painful to establish a company and sales operations on a new market. Working with us, we will be your senior people on the ground having operations in full swing in less than a month. We will be your Nordic executive B2B sales team providing established relations with  enterprises and proven lead generation processes – with revenue from the first deals to follow. Base services such as office and legality will be in place without a headache.

Business closings

When you are managing pipeline and customer acquisitions, there is no room for broken processes. We build well-oiled sales and marketing machines. We have the senior team in place.

Lead generation

We have established relations and most contacts needed to your potential customers in then region. When needed we generate high quality leads using inbound marketing, telemarketing and Account Based Marketing.

Strategy+ Execution

Based on your strategy with added local adoptions, we will identify, recruit and facilitate new partner agreements, as well as managing the relationship to ensure delivery of the revenue targets.

Base Services

We have the experience and capability to put almost everything in place based on what is needed. Legal structure, office, recruitments, various agreements, you name it.

About Us

We are passionate about connecting tech companies from around the world with customers in Northern Europe. We use our decades of sales expertise, our established relations, and our in-depth local market knowledge to help your company break into and excel on our market. We believe that technology will continue to change the way businesses work, connect, and operate in the future, that’s why our focus is to become the leading sales partner for tech companies who are looking to expand their sales revenue in Northern Europe. We believe that sales are the success factor of any business, and everything we do reflects just that.

By using our network and experience we enable tech companies with global ambitions to grow faster. We provide everything needed to scale in Northern Europe, as well as establishing sales processes to potential customers from day 1.

Your Interim Management

Our core team consist of some of the most experienced sales reps, pre-sales, CTOs, and executives within SaaS, PaaS, SW infrastructure, and enterprise applications in Nordics. Besides the core team, we have a network of highly skilled professionals with various skillsets providing a smorgasbord of constellations based on your needs. Our strength is our skills and our network. Together, we are your senior people on the ground. In the team we have expertise in working with partners from North America, China, SEA and MENA regions, growing their business in the Nordic region.

“If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”

General Patton

Plan of Action

We only accept partnership with partners who’s offerings and culture fits into our model and skill set. An initial match is crucial, and if passion occurs then the execution process is very straight forward.

One Step Ahead

If you have the market analysis, we will set the sales plan, as well as make sure that all practicality is in place.

Building Your Case

Forming the team. Choosing lead generation methods. Everything we do in this step is based on key target customers or defined segments.

Achieving Your Goals

Managing pipeline and customer acquisition. Following best practices for lead generation, sales, KPIs and strategic verticals.

Our Business Model

We are not your usual consultancy firm, we custom fit, and handles all situations that occurs when you are new to a market. We are your team, all the way.

The foundation of our cooperation lies in an agreement of the target

The cooperation starts once our team accepts partnership with your company.

Together, we design a success fee model or revenue share model.

Based on the size and seniority of the team, we calculate a cost-based base fee, which will be a monthly retainer.

We discuss and agree on a budget for other investments, such as marketing and events.