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It is always a hard job to establish your sales operations and company in a new market. You need the right network to find and recruit outstanding sales & tech people, channel partners, build relationships, and close deals. This is a hard job requiring lots of time and travel. These days it´s even harder.

We have all this in place!

Working with us, you will have a top-class B2B salesforce, lead generation, established relations with 1000+ enterprises, and a seasoned executive team up ´n running in full swing in less than a month. Base services such as office, legal will be in place. Revenue from the first deals will follow. When depends on the complexity of your product/ solution.

Interim Management, Sales & Marketing Services

To Grow Nordic B2B Software Sales

Passionated about sales

We are passionate about connecting tech companies from around the world with customers in Nordics. We use our many decades of sales expertise, our established relations, and our in-depth local market knowledge to help your company break into and excel in Nordic. We are expanding your sales revenue.
We only accept tech we know we can sell

Won deals is what matters

Your success is what makes us successful. Success is measured in won deals. We believe that sales are the success factor of any business, and everything we do reflects that.

“If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

General Patton

plan of action

Do it right

Our team consists of a core team and a network of the most experienced sales reps, CTOs, and executives within SaaS, IPaaS infrastructure and enterprise applications in the Nordic region. We add local partners such as specialised telemarketing. Our strength is our skills and our network.

We only accept assignments with partners that have offerings and a culture that fits into our model. Therefore is the initial matching between us crucial. If passion occurs, then the execution process is very straight forward.


One step ahead

If you already have have the market analysis done, we just make the sales plan (and for all the practical stuff)


building your case

Forming the team. Choose leadgeneration methods. Everything we do is based on key target customers or defined segments.


achieving your goals

Managing pipeline and customer acquisition. Following best practices for lead generation, sales, KPIs and strategic verticalization

we are part of the Team. all the way through.

We adjust to your strategy. If you want us to be you or if you want us to set up a new company/ brand. It is up to you.

custom fitting

our interim services Include:

We are not a usual consultant firm. With us you can handle the all the most tricky situations that happens when you are on a new market. Usually you can´t have your most senior people on the ground – now you can!

Our Business Model